Mirabella is proud to be a salon professional brand that works directly with licensed artists to offer an extensive array of cosmetics and tools to aid in success. Mirabella is gluten, paraben and talc free. Additionally the brand is cruelty-free.

  • How does Mirabella's online training program work?

    Mirabella has worked with some of the best artists in the country to create a training program that you can complete from the effort of your own home or classroom. Enroll online and immediately start watching videos and taking quizzes on each course. Each course is split into units. Create your own schedule, learn at your own pace, and let Mirabella help you achieve success! Once you have completed Mirabella's course, you will receive a certificate of completion with acknowledgment that you are now 'Mirabella Certified'.

  • I'm not required to be licensed to practice makeup applications in my place of residence. Why should I still get Mirabella Certified?

    A Mirabella certification can serve as proof of competency to your potential clients who may inquire about whether or not you are properly trained! Since the cosmetic industry is regulated differently across the nation, typically at a state or city level, it is often advantageous to acquire certifications in an effort to show proof of education/competency to potential clients or employers. If a license is required to practice makeup in your area, you might need to obtain a cosmetology license before you can work professionally. Some areas require you to have a specific number of hours to qualify for a license or take a specific training program. Mirabella will help you qualify for a makeup license and that will depend on the specific state regulations. Please be sure to check your local laws to determine if there are any requirements to become a makeup artist in your area. If you are already a licensed cosmetologist or a Mirabella Salon but want to offer makeup services, Mirabella courses will absolutely teach you what you need to expand your career.